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Our technology focus is well defined and trend setting. We have developed expertise in Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) and .Net Framework to deliver highly scalable products through enterprise-wide integration and robust service delivery systems.

The products are of high business value because of the technology prowess gained through proficient usage of jQuery, JSON and loosely coupled components built on intelligent algorithms using .NET.

Technology Environment

Development Methodology

Rational Unified Process


.NET Framework

Application Architecture

Model View Controller(MVC) Design Pattern

Development Architecture

N-Tier(Building Blocks)



ASP.NET, C#, N-Hibernate(ORM), AJAX, Web Services, XML, XSLT, XSD, JSON, JavaScript / jQuery, HTML5


iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android


  • Supports all the major RDBMS available in the market including SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Can be configured to work on a different tier for load balancing
  • Provides robust and secure server-side connectivity with enterprise databases through OLEDB drivers for high performance data retrieval


  • Access to processes, features and functions is facilitated through a security engine built in, which provides the Application Level Security
  • Application Level Security besides the System Level Security, which includes
    • Authentication
    • User and User Groups
    • Modules, Feature Listing, Fields Listing
    • Privileges, Object Permissions
    • Security rules and Security Principal
    • Object Permission and Global Permissions
    • ACE (Access Control Entity)
    • ACL (Access Control List)