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Our Quality Policy is "To Develop, Produce and Deliver on time, Products and Services that exceed Customer Expectations".

Quality plays a predominant role on threshold of new era. Institutionalization is an ongoing process in which a set of activities, structures, and values become an integral and sustainable part of an organization.

We have an environment that facilitates initiation, growth, and continuity of Quality Assurance and Control activities that accentuates significance of quality and encourages people to practice Quality activities as part of their daily work.

Be it Garvin, Felgenbaum, or Taguchi, methods of achieving the quality is excellence-driven rather than defect–driven. Quality Assurance Technical Division (QATD) ensures that the Garvin’s eight dimensions of the quality are met.

Quality Assurance @DES

QA plays a much bigger role than “just” testing. Quality framework of DES constitutes of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Quality assurance is about focus on compliance, and quality control is about focus on improvement.

QA ensures that Measures, Policies and Procedures are in place, with the ultimate goal of ensuring adherence to Standards & Time controls.