Enterprise Optimus
Schedule Optimus





  • Enterprise Optimus is an EP5M (Enterprise Process, People, Project, Program , Portfolio Management) solution which is most powerful, robust and easy-to-use solution to Prioritize, Plan, Manage, Measure, Monitor, Control and Evaluate business process. Enterprise Optimus is a process centric, execution oriented, performance focused, flexible, and scalable Enterprise Process Management tool built on SOA technology
  • Schedule Optimus is an end-2-end Service Function Management Solution which fuses Customer Service Management, Contract Management, Workforce Management, Service Supply Chain, Field Force Management, Automated Dispatch and Mobile Technician, deploying efficient Scheduling Engine as fulcrum to control and monitor Service Functions. The foundation of Schedule Optimus is the Powerful Scheduling Engine, built on Intelligent Algorithms, based on Scheduling Techniques and Methodologies

Target Segments

  • Enterprise Process Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Program Management
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Service Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Field Service Automation
  • Service Function Management
  • Automated Dispatch
  • Mobile Computing